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Our Popcorn

You can find these flavors at any one of our locations popping fresh everyday. 

All of our popcorn is locally grown and helps support regional farmers. Our popcorn is made fresh every single day, with as little ingredients as possible. No preservatives, from scratch, and we are always popping up something new to try! 

Daily Menu

Buttery “Movie Style” (V,GF, Vegan)

Sweet ‘n Salty Kettle (V,GF, Vegan)

Real Wisconsin Cheddar (V,GF)

Brown Butter Caramel (V,GF)

“Chicago Style” (Cheddar ‘n Caramel Mix)(V,GF)

Peanut Butter Cup (V,GF)

Chocolate Caramel. (V,GF)


*Allergy & Diet Info: Gluten Free, GMO Free, Dairy Free & Vegan, Nuts, Peanuts, nuts and other food allergens are present at Go Popcorn and
Pittsburgh Popcorn.  Although we make every effort to keep these items separated, it is impossible to guarantee that any of our products will be free of any one or more of the eight major allergy- gens identified by the FDA. Cross contact may occur during preparation of any menu item.

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