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The Popcorn Bar

Having a wedding, corporate gathering, holiday, sports, or birthday party? Feeding a lot of people has never been so easy and fun! Your guest will love mixing and matching their very own Go Popcorn bag! Set up a popcorn bar for your event! 

Step 1: Choose your flavors:

Butter “Movie Style”


Sweet ‘n Salty Kettle


Real Wisconsin Cheddar


Brown Butter Caramel


Peanut Butter Cup


Chocolate Caramel


“Chicago Style”


Current Flavor of the Week

(Prices Vary)

*A bulk bag serves approximately 30 people and is about 90 cups of popcorn. 

*Please order 4 days ahead of your pick-up date. 

Step 2: Choose how many baskets

and scoops you need:

Serving Bushel


Serving Scoops



To order call our store 4 days in advance! 

Step 3: Choose how many serving bags you need:


Bags(stack of 50 ea.)      $5.00

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